Starting as a set of surreal posters the Evasnisko Project expanded quickly into animated posters and finally to an immersive experience at the Penn State Library where an event was held to honor some of Penn State’s donors. These posters were meant to show the resilience of human nature. After covid many people felt knocked down, but we will come through on the other side even if it is changed.

Three static posters, three animated posters, an animated video made from the poster scenes, and various of interactive installations


Model Alessandro Orsini

Out of this world

Starting out
A lot of the inspiration for this series was drawn from 80’s alien movies and the writing of HP Lovecraft. The room in the posters was created to look like a room from the 80’s which was a fun challenge to create the space out mostly Goodwill finds.

Through the image there was a clear progression of the space and the alien to create a believable room in a studio. This first image in the series took the longest. After all the details were solidified here the rest of the images fell into place easily.


Camera Placement
We knew we wanted the audience to be aware of the camera and used the different camera angles to emphasize how things were changing and being pulled up into the alien’s tractor beam.  We chose to make the type look like timestamps of a recording to make people more aware of the camera while also reinforcing the 80’s theme.


Close up