Pavilion is a rebrand of a restaurant with an emphasis on post covid dining experiences. Due to the pandemic many people had stopped eating in at restaurants and this change has not been reflected in the take out that restaurants are offering.

two spread menu, three take home sauce bottles, a to go box, and a reusable bag.



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The branding consisted of five main colors and a water like texture that could be used filled in or as outlines. The main display font used was Tan-Pearl and the body copy was Garamond.

Starting out
A lot of inspiration came from looking at symbolism in Hindu culture since Pavilion is an Indian restaurant. A symbol that kept coming to attention was snakes. It is believed that snake bites can bring good fortune or cure an aliment. There are many snake carvings that people bring food and flower offerings to.

The menu was the first place the snake came to life. It is slowly coming through the pages while not distracting attention from the type. This menu really begins to show the higher end atmosphere to expect while in the restaurant.


There was a lot of experimentation with how the snake should appear throughout the elements. Initial attempts came off too heavy and not sophisticated enough to match the restaurant. Finally an abstract water like design was used to create the snake. This made the snake less obvious, but still stick out if you pay attention.



Why these?

There was a focus on the users' takeout experience and what things they may be missing out on not being in the restaurant. Including deliverables that helped people take home some of the experience of going out was crucial. Surveys showed that many people would rather eat takeout since the start of the pandemic.    @roth.dzn 
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