Trailblazer is a calendar app made to help adrenaline lovers plan and manage their next adventure. This app helps the user find the right choice for them by comparing distance, intensity, pricing, or type of sport. Then stores all current and past tickets, information, and alerts the user when an event is coming up.


Take a gander

After sending out surveys the target audience for this app was determined to be men and women ages 18-25 who are into extreme sports. After a few interviews the initial functionality was picked. Then a lot of attention was paid to other apps or books that claimed to help do the same thing. This was a great way to see what was lacking and what could be done better in Trail Blazer.


Low Fidelities
The first round of lo-fis were confusing and people had a hard time navigating through them. The symbols being used had to be changed to make this more clear for the user. It also became evident here that onboarding was necessary to get people set up with their personal preferences


Let’s add some character

High Fidelities
For the final Hi f a lot of thought went into the color choice to make sure it had the same high energy that came from doing one of the extreme sports included in the app. The orange felt like a good gender neutral choice.